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    Setcom is a lead vendor of wireless test systems designed to improve performance and interoperability of wireless broadband devices, whilst reducing time to market and development costs.

    Through active industry participation and close links to leading wireless Operators, Setcom has built a cutting edge test portfolio spanning the entire UE functionality, from Baseband and Radio Access layers to IMS based Services and Multimedia functionality, enabling customers to prove their Multimode LTE/EPC/IMS designs early, speed up Operator Acceptance testing and thereby accelerate their time to market.



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Designed to meet the challenging needs of developing wireless devices, reference designs, chipsets, protocol stacks, IMS based services and mobile multi-media. The S-CORE is a cost efficient early to market test solution designed to accelerate your LTE development projects.

A single investment for testing baseband, protocol signalling, IMS based services and mobile multi-media

  • Multi-RAT hardware design supporting 2 RF channels per unit including two output streaming ports, ideal for complex Inter-RAT scenarios:
  • LTE (FDD / TDD)
  • CDMA2000
  • Connect multiple UE’s to one S-CORE unit in real-time, bringing interoperability testing back into the lab
  • Supporting all E-UTRA bandwidths profiles up to 100 MHz, S-CORE is LTE Advanced ready
  • A rich suite of tools, diagnostic traces and a TTCN-3 environment to capture and identify interoperability and performance issues fast
  • Industry leading portfolio of conformance and Tier 1 Operator test plan packages to get you to market as quick as possible



To accelerate development of 3GPP wireless designs. Configure and emulate complex wireless network scenarios through an easy to use intuitive interface and tool set, featuring LTE and legacy RAN support, an Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and IP Multi-Media Subsystem (IMS) framework,including the industry’s leading portfolio of network services,multi-media and application enablers.
This broad array of network emulation enables the S-CORE to satisfy many different test team needs:

  • Radio Access protocol development & Interoperability testing, E-UTRA/EPC
  • Baseband performance analysis
  • End-to-end performance analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • GCF & PTCRB (Pre)Conformance & Type Approval
  • IMS based Service development, SMS & MMS over IMS, VoLTE and RCS
  • Operator acceptance test plans
  • Secure point-to-point encryption algorithm design including EPS ciphering & integrity protection performance analysis
  • Stress & soak testing of data throttling algorithms, IP performance and excessive signalling from rouge applications.


Special Applications

  • Calibation Labs / Test Houses

Telecom & Electronics

  • Mobile Communications
  • Mobile Hand Set Manufacturers
  • Wireless

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