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    Fibercore Ltd is perhaps the world’s longest established manufacturer of single mode optical fibers for special applications. Fibercore Ltd probably ships more polarization maintaining (PM), erbium-doped and bend-insensitive singlemode fiber, to more customers, in more places, than any other company. 

    Fibercore HB-G series of PM fibers is the clear market-leader in fiber optic gyroscopes, whilst IsoGain™ erbium-doped, SM bend-insensitive singlemode and CP cladding-pump fibers hold commanding positions in EDFA, acoustic sensor and high power FTTx amplifier applications.



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Speciality Single Mode Fibers

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Fibercore’s Specialty Singlemode Optical Fibers have been designed to perform in a wide range of challenging applications. Already offering wavelengths between 488 nm and 1550 nm, the recent development of the SM-SC pure silica core fibers extends this range well into the UV, with minimal photodarkening when compared with conventional germanosilicate cored fibers.

The SM1500 series fibers are also offered with a range of numerical apertures from 0.20 to 0.30. The high NA of these fibers reduces the bend-induced loss to levels far below standard telecommunication fibers allowing them to be used in diameters of 10mm or smaller. The high Germania content of these fibers also considerably enhances their photosensitivity, making them ideally suited to the fabrication of certain types of fiber bragg gratings.



Manufacturing Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) Acoustic Sensors – Fiber Hydrophones.




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Purchased Compression Testing Machine 1000 kN capacity, Electrically operated including Vibration Machine, Motorised & Soil Triaxial Outfit , Motorised from Associated Instrument Manufactures India Pvt. Ltd. (Now Known as M/s Aimil Ltd.) in the year 1982-83. These machines are working satisfactory till date under AMC of Aimil Kolkata.

Mr. R K Mohapatra ,
Divisional Head (Maintainence II), Odisha industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation(IDCO), Bhubaneshwar

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