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    e2v leads the world market, supplying high performance Microwave & Millimeteric Wave Magnetrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Klystrons, Solid State Components and subassemblies. Also suppling CCD imaging arrays covering infrared, visible light, Ultraviolet and X-ray. e2v supplies enabling technologies that helps in extending scientific boundaries forward and ultimately in improving the quality & safety of human lives.

High Power Gridded Valves

Klystrons Engergy Saving Collector (ESC), Inductive Output Tubes (10Ts) & Triodes upto 1GHz



Defence, Linear Accelerators & High Energy Research, Braodcast & Radio Transmitters, Nuclear & High Energy Physics




  • Defence (Production)
  • Defence (R&D)


  • High Energy Research

Telecom & Electronics

  • Broadcast
  • Satellite Communication

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We are using Malvern Viscotek GPC (TDA & GPC max) from the year 2012. The system is working satisfactory. The after sale service and application support from Malvern-Amil is found to be satisfied.

Dr. Sayam Sen Gupta ,
Senior Scientist, CSIR-National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

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