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    e2v leads the world market, supplying high performance Microwave & Millimeteric Wave Magnetrons, Traveling Wave Tubes, Klystrons, Solid State Components and subassemblies. Also suppling CCD imaging arrays covering infrared, visible light, Ultraviolet and X-ray. e2v supplies enabling technologies that helps in extending scientific boundaries forward and ultimately in improving the quality & safety of human lives.

Gas Sensors

Catalytic, Thermal conductivity, Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) and Electrochemical Types



Enviornmental Monitoring.,Detection of inflammable gases, Carbon-di-oxide, Methane, Broadband Hydro carbons and Acetelyne.




  • Chemicals
  • Food
  • Paint & Pigments
  • Petroleum & Refineries

Civil Infrastructure

  • Geophysical/ Seismology Testing
  • Mining


  • Surveillance / Security

Special Applications

  • CSIR Labs/Government Research Labs

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Purchased Compression Testing Machine 1000 kN capacity, Electrically operated including Vibration Machine, Motorised & Soil Triaxial Outfit , Motorised from Associated Instrument Manufactures India Pvt. Ltd. (Now Known as M/s Aimil Ltd.) in the year 1982-83. These machines are working satisfactory till date under AMC of Aimil Kolkata.

Mr. R K Mohapatra ,
Divisional Head (Maintainence II), Odisha industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation(IDCO), Bhubaneshwar

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