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Simulink/RTW Targets

Simulink/RTW Targets has following Features
Flexible. Select the I/O required to match your application

  • Up to 150 analog or 288 digital I/O per CUBE, 300 analog or 576 digital I/O per RACKtangle
  • Rugged: Cubes tested -40 to +85°C, 5g Vibration, 50g shock
  • Flexible: Over 30 I/O boards available including A/D, D/A, Digital I/O, Counter/Timer, Quadrature encoder, Serial, CAN and ARINC 429 communications.
  • Standard Linux OS (2.6.x Kernel)
  • Standard Ethernet 100BaseT or GigE Interfaces<


    They are mainly used in Data Recorders, Programmable Automation Controllers, Modbus Data Acquisition System


    Civil Infrastructure

    • Environmental Monitoring


    • Atomic/Nuclear Energy
    • Gas based Energy
    • Hydro Power
    • Solar Energy
    • Thermal Power
    • Wind/Turbine


    • Aerospace
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