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eXpert™ Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filtering On-board FPGA Technology

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GaGe’s new eXpert on-board FIR Filtering FPGA Technology is a powerful method for removing unwanted signal features (like noise) and emphasizing signal features of interest. Traditional analog filters are usually limited to rather simple filtering methods, such as low-pass filtering, high-pass filtering and band-pass filtering. Numerical filtering of digitized waveform data, such as that now available on-board GaGe's high-performance digitizers, allows much more complex filtering methods such as Moving Average Filters and Gaussian Filters to be implemented.




GaGe's eXpert FIR Filtering technology provide a fast and efficient means for users to process data on-board GaGe's digitizers and transfer only the data that is of interest to the PC for further analysis.




  • Defence (R&D)


  • Atomic/Nuclear Energy


  • Aerospace

Special Applications

  • Calibration Labs / Test Houses

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