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    Malvern Instruments recognizes and supports industry’s continuing drive to optimize the products it produces and the processes it employs. The company provides a range of particle analysis and rheological instrumentation that delivers inter-related measurements reflecting the complexities of particulates and disperse systems, nanomaterials and macromolecules.

    Particle size distribution, particle shape information, zeta potential, molecular weight, chemical composition, and bulk materials properties can all be determined with the particle analysis instrumentation from the Malvern range. The company’s laboratory, at-line, on-line and in-line solutions are proven in sectors as diverse as cement production and pharmaceutical drug discovery.


    • Zetasizer Series

Zetasizer Nano Z

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The Zetasizer Nano Z is the perfect system for measuring zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility, when the measurement of size or molecular weight is not required.

  • Zeta potential of proteins and particles from 3.8nm up to 100 microns (diameter) using patented M3-PALS technology
  • A Quality Factor gives confidence in the data
  • The Expert advice report gives help to improve sample preparation or the measurement procedure
  • 21CFR part 11 software option enables compliance with ER/ES
  • Research software option gives access to further features and analysis algorithms for the light scattering specialist
  • Automation of measurements using an autotitrator option
  • Optical filter option to improve measurements with fluorescent sample



Characterization of Nanoparticles, Colloids



  • Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drugs

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Purchased Compression Testing Machine 1000 kN capacity, Electrically operated including Vibration Machine, Motorised & Soil Triaxial Outfit , Motorised from Associated Instrument Manufactures India Pvt. Ltd. (Now Known as M/s Aimil Ltd.) in the year 1982-83. These machines are working satisfactory till date under AMC of Aimil Kolkata.

Mr. R K Mohapatra ,
Divisional Head (Maintainence II), Odisha industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation(IDCO), Bhubaneshwar

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