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FT4 Powder Rheometer System

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The FT4 Powder Rheometer is a universal powder tester - three instruments in one, combining the Freeman patented blade methodology for measuring flow energy with a range of shear cells, wall friction modules and other accessories for measuring bulk properties. The methodologies allow measurement of:
Flow energy in relation to many variables and all packing states

  • Shear properties of consolidated and unconsolidated powders
  • Bulk properties – precision bulk density, compressibility and permeability
  • Process variables such as moisture, attrition and segregation

FT4 User Benefits

  • Three instruments in one – rheometer, shear cell and compression tester
  • Powder conditioning that allows exceptional reproducibility of measurement
  • Automated testing and analysis - independent of the operator
  • Quick and straightforward operation- tests completed in minutes
  • Ability to evaluate consolidated, conditioned and aerated / fluidised powders
  • Unique measurement of aeratability of powders
  • Small volume of sample - down to 1ml in the case of the miniature shear cell
  • Three test vessel standards – 25, 50 and 62mm diameter for different sample volumes
  • Family of three shear cells, 80, 10 and 1ml capacities
  • High sensitivity dynamic mode for differentiating between very similar powders
  • Can evaluate process variables such as attrition and segregation



Measuring the flow properties of powders



  • Pharmaceutical & Bulk Drugs

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We are using Malvern Viscotek HTGPC system since 2012 and the system is working satisfactorily. The after sales service and application support from Malvern AIMIL is found to be satisfactory.

D A. Dhoble ,
Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

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