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Absolute Pressure Transducers

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Absolute Pressure Transducers measures both static and dynamic pressure. to a high degree of accuracy. They feature a state-of-the art diaphragm design and incorporation of MEMS sensing elements.



Aerospace: Endevco offers a complete range of highly rugged sensors and instrumentation to support aerospace requirements such as avionics; flight and flutter testing; modal and structural analysis; aerodynamic studies; UAV’s and flight control

systems; HUMS; high-temperature engine monitoring; propulsion testing; combustor instability monitoring; cryogenics; space program R&D; launch vehicles; and shock wave testing.

Test and Measurement: accelerometers, microphones, pressure transducers, signal conditioning electronics and accessories have been successfully used in a variety of general purpose laboratory testing environments  Medical: more than six million Endevco accelerometers have been successfully incorporated into implantable medical devices such as patient activity indicators, cardiac pacemakers and defibrillator rate response, implanted pain management device monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose monitoring, artificial joint pressure measurements and external and implanted drug therapy systems.


Automotive: Pressure Transducers  are used to test antilock brakingsystems (ABS), transmissions, fuel and oil systems and air bag inflators. The transducers incorporate advanced MEMS technology and offer a wide frequency response and high output within a miniature package, making them ideal for use in space constrained environments.




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