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    Struers is the world's leading manufacturer of equipment and consumables for Materialographic surface preparation of solid materials and has more than 40% of the world market. They have perfected working with all types of specimens, including metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials.
    Struers strongest point is the development and production of semi-automatic and automatic machines for laboratories of any size within industrial quality inspection and research.It has always been Struers commitment to supply  customers with the best solutions to their preparation problems.


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Cold Mounting Consumables

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Cold mounting is especially suited for mounting specimens that are sensitive to heat or pressure. Additionally, cold mounting does not require an investment in a mounting press and is therefore good for infrequent mounting tasks. The resin, a mixture of two or three components, is poured over the specimen after it has been placed in a mounting cup. After curing, the specimen can be taken out of the cup and processed.

Three different types of cold mounting resins are available:

Epoxy resins: Resins with virtually no shrinkage. Epoxy resins can be used for vacuum impregnation.

Acrylic resins: Resins with short curing times and moderate shrinkage. The all-round materialographic resins.

Polyester resins: Economical resins with relatively short curing times.


-Specifix-20: Room temperature curing epoxy system, particularly suited for vacuum impregnation and mounting very delicate specimens. Curing time is about 8 hours. By adding EpoDye (a fluorescent dye), the identification of pores and cracks is made very easy.

-Specifix-40: A transparent epoxy that is cured at 40-60°C, thus reducing curing times to 3½ hours. EpoDye can be added for easy identification of pores and cracks.

-Epofix: Slow-curing transparent epoxy, particularly suited for vacuum impregnation and mounting very delicate specimens. By adding Epodye (a fluorescent dye), the identification of pores and cracks is made very easy.

-ClaroCit: A fast curing clear acrylic cold mounting resin. Low shrinkage makes it suitable for universal use.
-DuroCit: A fast curing acrylic resin with filler which gives the exceptional no-shrinkage ability. It is especially suited for specimens where protection of layers is important.

-VersoCit: An inexpensive acrylic resin for quick and easy mounting of routine specimens.

-ViaFix: A fast-curing acrylic resin, ideal for filling microscopic voids, i.e. microvias and pores.

-SeriFix: An inexpensive polyester resin for the routine mounting of a large number of specimens.




  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  • Natural Gas & Environmental Monitoring
  • Petroleum & Refineries

Civil Infrastructure

  • Mining


  • Aviation / Airports
  • Defence (Production)
  • Defence (R&D)


  • Applied Mechanics Department
  • Chemical Engg Department
  • Mechanical Department


  • Gas based Energy
  • Hydro Power
  • Thermal Power
  • Wind/Turbine

Metal & Metallurgy

  • Diamond
  • Extrusion
  • Foundaries
  • Glass
  • Gold & Precious Metal
  • Iron & Steel
  • Tiles & Ceramics


  • Component Manufacturer
  • Marine & Diesel Engine Manufacturer
  • Turbine Manufacturers


  • Aerospace

Special Applications

  • Industrial Testing

Telecom & Electronics

  • Cable Manufacturers
  • Microelectronics
  • Mobile Communications
  • Semiconductors

Traffic & Transportation

  • Auto Components
  • Automobile
  • Aviation/Airports
  • Marine
  • Railways
  • Tyre Manufacturers

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We are using Malvern Viscotek HTGPC system since 2012 and the system is working satisfactorily. The after sales service and application support from Malvern AIMIL is found to be satisfactory.

D A. Dhoble ,
Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory, Pune

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