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Aimil Joint Ventures

A number of our foreign Partners have invested in the future
with us via the vehicle of Joint Venture

Malvern Aimil

Malvern Aimil Instruments Pvt. Ltd. provides Application Support
to Asian Customers.


Pruftechnik Aimil Condition Monitoring Private Limited provides Condition Monitoring & Alignment Product & Services in the Indian market.

Tinius Olsen-Aimil
Tinius Olsen-Aimil

Tinius Olsen India Pvt. Ltd. provides Engineering Design and Production support to Tinius Olsen worldwide while focusing in India to make it a home market for Tinius Olsen.


Aiipltech Pvt. Ltd. cater to the International Market with a special focus on South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.
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LubeXpert Labs-Aimil
LubeXpert Labs -Aimil

LUBEXPERT is multi-location oil condition monitoring laboratories that provides advanced oil analysis testing services across various industrial sectors. Oil condition monitoring through sophisticated testing processes, expertise analysts to help the industry in optimizing the oil change intervals, improving the reliability of critical equipment’s. For more details : Click here…