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In addition to best in class imported Civil equipment and solutions, we manufacture Civil Engineering Test Equipment.

Commitment to Innovation, Research and Development, Civil Engineering products have been produced by Aimil for over 70 years with product development driven by our in-house R&D unit.  Aimil’s R&D unit was established in 1956 &, notably, in 1974 became the first unit in India to be accredited by the National Council of Science & Technology.

We have pioneered many technologies in India including but not limited, to technologies like Structural Monitoring, Vibrating Wire Technology, Cable free instruments, NDT for  Concrete Testing, Pressure Measurement & Hydro Frac etc.

Our manufacturing facilities at New Delhi and Noida are fully equipped with trained manpower of over 120 employees and machinery to meet the needs of the market, in terms of instrument for Civil Engineering applications from Material testing to Structural Monitoring.


Facility Details

Aimil Ltd.
Address: Naimex House, A-8, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi - 110 044
Tel: 011-30810200
Fax: 011-26950011
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Address: Naimex, Plot No: 59 H (A), NSEZ, Noida Phase II, Uttar Pradesh
Tel: 0120-4525701
Fax: 0120-4525711
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Capability Profile

  Quality Manufacturing

Over 120 staff employed in the Domestic & Naimex Export facilities in Delhi and Noida handle key cost, quality & IP critical parts of the manufacturing process. Design of Products is done using SOLID works Mechanical CAD Software. Maintenance of Technical Documents is done in Digital Format for ease of Revision & Readability.

We have UL accredited Quality Management System conforming to ISO 9001 : 2008.

Quality Control is integrated into the manufacturing process & we regularly perform Quality Assurance Audits to ensure systems are intact. Production Planning & Material Control through NAVISION ERP.

Aimil remains a nimble manufacturer, we have adopted of a number of international systems such as: Kanban for OEM supply when needed by our international collaborators & Lean Manufacturing for Domestic & International Manufacturing.

At our Noida Plant, we manufacture Civil Engineering equipment for exports. It is a low cost manufacturing location with duty exemptions. Our location in the Special Economic Zone, Noida UP as a 100% Export Oriented Unit ensures we are exempted from paying any import duties, VAT on our raw materials and components used in manufacturing, this makes us extremely competitive on price. The property at Noida stretches over an acre of land of which the shop floor occupies 17,000 square feet with full epoxy coating to provide a clean environment.

We have built up area over 3 floors giving us ample space for rapid expansion.

We have in house facilities like Lathes, Vertical milling machine, Surface grinder and Radial drilling machines.

  Designing capabilities (Mechanical, Electricals and Electronics)

We have trained Mechanical Engineers and Electronics Engineer team for equipment designing and production.

While at Aimil we have been doing board & component level repair work for years, we have trained electronic engineers for assembly and product development work at our plants. We have trained Electronic Engineers for circuit design, analysis simulation and testing and Prototype development team.

Thus far the facility has been specialising in the design and development of electronics for products in the Civil and Mechanical Engineering industries.

  Welding Capabilities

We are equipped with MIG welding equipment, TIG welding equipment and Gas welding equipment.

  Painting Capabilities

We have Pre-treatment plants, Powder Coating plants at both the locations.


We test in-house all the products that leave the facility. We have highly skilled engineers and technical supervisors who have been trained in various areas such as Lean Manufacturing & ISO Internal audits, making us highly efficient.