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Media Update

Dynamic Testing System

Walter Bai Souvenir19-July-18

Characterization of metallurgical Coal and economic Recovery of Iron Ore and Coal Fines


Are you looking for Innovative Solution with State-of-art technology?

Indian Cement Review Magazine19-July-18

Unsaturated Triaxial Testing of Soil

IGS Newsletter19-May-18

The Elcometer 510 Automatic Adhesion Tester Quickly and Accurately Tests Pull-off Coating Adhesion

Coating & Anti Corrosion18 April 2018


BW Advert28th June, 2018

New Prime CTM & Concrete Hammer

CECR28th June, 2018


AvestaMarch, 18

Pre-tamping Measurement Survey using Gedo CE Survey Trolley for Design Mode Tamping

IPWEFebruary, 18

Why go for imported, When you have Advanced Version - Right Here !

CE&CRFebruary, 18
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