TRS100 Rapid Analysis System

The TRS100 enables non-destructive, high throughput, real time assaying of capsules and tablets. The instrument has been designed to process 100 dosages in 5 minutes and will provide a full chemical profile in seconds. Simple to use - the operator fills the tray, inserts into the instrument and sets it to go - no skilled preparation required. 

The output can be fully customised from full chemical profile per sample to detailed statistical data set and historical process tracking. The TRS100 uses new and revolutionary technology for orders-of-magnitude increase in content analysis throughput. It is a powerful workhorse tool for fast and accurate content quantification that redues pharmaceutical and chemical analysis costs.  


  • Formulation Development
  • QA/QC analysis of finished product
  • Powder blend monitoring
  • Materials verification through opaque packaging
  • Counterfeit Drug Detection through blister packs
  • Continuous monitoring of flow through pipes
  • Monitoring through fouled windows or thick sight glasses
  • Quantitative tablet and capsule analysis