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Condition Monitoring Services (CMS)

Aimil Ltd., an Instrumentation Company involved in different area of engineering consultancy and service provider for vibration analysis and laser shaft alignment with help of most advance instruments. One of the maintenance strategy adapted worldwide requires us to use ultra modern techniques for maintaining the running machinery in healthy condition. We help customer in developing condition based maintenance plan through Vibration analysis. In this current era of precision accuracy and strict tolerance, we provide solution to the industry for Flatness measurement, Straightness measurement and Bore centerline measurement to accuracy of 0.001mm with PRUFTECHNIK, Germany make instruments, such as Levalign and Boralign. Measurements made are both accurate and repeatable. Aimil provide detailed reports which clearly show the current measured condition. We do offer vibration analysis, development of condition monitoring cell, aligning machinery to its highest accuracy, removing the unbalance in the machinery parts through in-situ balancing

Reliability Services :

  • Vibration Measurement and Analysis Services
  • Precision Laser Shaft Alignment Services
  • Turbine Alignment Services
  • Noise and Vibration Acceptance Testing
  • Insitu Dynamic Balancing Solutions
  • Ultrasonic Thickness measurement
  • Thermography Services: Hi-Resolution Analysis

Advanced Services & Solutions :

  • Telediagnose: Remote Vibration Monitoring for Critical equipments & Variable Speed Machines
  • Temporary Online Vibration Monitoring services & remote analysis
  • Education and Training
  • Bore Concentricity Alignment
  • Surface Flatness Measurement: Machine Bedplates, Foundations, Casing surfaces, etc
  • High-Resolution Thermography Services
  • Mentoring program for Setting up a Condition Monitoring Division in customer organizations
  • Shaft Centerline Detection & Orbit Analysis (also with inputs from turbine protection systems)
  • Bump Test (in machine operating conditions)
  • On-site Vibration Services Contracts & Specialist on-call visits
  • Castor Alignment for Steel Plants
  • Torsion Shaft Alignment/ Ball Mill Gear Box Alignment
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