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Malvern OMNISEC Comprehensively separate your sample constituents using the cutting edge pump, column oven and temperature-controlled autosampler of OMNISEC RESOLVE.

Measure the molecular weight, size, conformation, composition, and concentration of the separated compnents using OMNISEC REVEAL' multidetection system - light scattering, absorbance UV/Vis PDA, refractive index and viscosity analysis all in one measurement.
  Reduce cost   Boost productivity   Confidence in your product  
  Measurement of down to 100 ng of sample, whilst 96 well-plate autosampler allows waste-free injections   Self-balancing viscometer design with user interchangeable capillaries minimises downtime   Maximise separation with column oven and integrated detector department that minimise resolution-blurring tubing  
  OMNISEC is highly application-flexible, with efficient low-volume degasser and automated pump priming making switching between solvents and buffers extremely easy.

So whether you want to measure the molecular weight of protein aggregates, the branching of polymers, or the composition of conjugates, OMNISEC allows you to do so with maximum accuracy, repeatability and efficiency.
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