Axitom is a fully automatic cut-off machine designed for maximum user friendliness. It is ideal for the production floor with very large cutting table and easy-to-use controls. Axitom-5 is designed for 350 mm/14'' dia. cut-off wheels, equipped with powerful motor and two automatic cutting tables. The X-table for serial cutting of parallel sections and the Y-table for cutting of extra deep work pieces. Cutting parameters such as feed speed, force, and stop positions are easily controlled using the multifunction knob.
Key Features
  • Spacious cutting chamber with LED lighting
  • Two automatic cutting tables
  • User-friendly operation with 3-axes joystick and multi-function knob
  • ExciCut - for faster cutting or cutting of harder materials without heat damage
  • AxioCut - for cutting of extra deep work pieces
  • MultiCut - for automatic serial cutting of parallel sections
  • OptiFeed - optimised feed for fastest cutting without damage to sample or wheel
  • AxioWash* - automatic cleaning program to clean the inside of the machine
  • Database function - for saving up to 10 cutting methods
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