Advanced UtilityScan HS: Scan Utilities, Locate Water Lines, Detect Voids, Identify Soil, and Find Shallow Objects for Archaeology and Underground Storage Tanks

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Discover the Power of UtilityScan HS: Revolutionizing Utility Locating with Cutting-Edge Technology


Precision and efficiency are critical while locating utilities. Enter the UtilityScan HS, GSSI’s most recent innovative innovation, designed particularly for the utility finding business. This article looks into the UtilityScan HS, investigating its capabilities, uses, and the transformative impact it has on utility locating specialists around the world.

Understanding the UtilityScan HS

The UtilityScan HS is more than just a ground penetrating radar (GPR) system; it represents a paradigm shift in utility locating technology. At its core lies the 350 HS antenna, equipped with state-of-the-art digital capabilities and patented HyperStacking™ technology. This revolutionary approach vastly enhances depth and data resolution, setting new standards for performance in real-time utility detection.

Understanding the UtilityScan HS
Understanding the UtilityScan HS

Unveiling Key Features

MAX DEPTH: 10 m (35 ft)

Delve deeper into the earth’s subsurface with confidence, as the UtilityScan HS offers an impressive maximum depth of 10 meters (35 feet), ensuring comprehensive utility detection and mapping.


With a cutting-edge antenna frequency of 350 MHz, the UtilityScan HS delivers unparalleled precision in identifying underground utilities, both metallic and non-metallic.

WEIGHT WITH TABLET & BATTERY: 16.8 kg (37 lbs)

Despite its advanced capabilities, the UtilityScan HS remains remarkably portable, weighing in at just 16.8 kilograms (37 pounds) when equipped with its tablet and battery, facilitating ease of use in the field.


Store extensive data seamlessly with the UtilityScan HS’s expansive storage capacity of 512 gigabytes, ensuring that valuable scan data is readily accessible for analysis and reporting.


Enhance the UtilityScan experience with optional RADAN 7 software, designed to streamline data processing and analysis, empowering users with actionable insights.

ACCESSORIES: Geode GPS, Transit case, Model 626 survey cart, Model 656 survey cart

Optimize utility locating operations with a suite of accessories tailored for efficiency and convenience, including the Geode GPS, transit case, and survey carts.

MAX DEPTH10 m (35 ft)
ACCESSORIESGeode GPS, Transit case, Model 626 survey cart, Model 656 survey cart

Each row represents a feature of the UtilityScan HS, with its corresponding specification listed in the adjacent column.

Unlocking the Potential: Typical Uses

Scan utilities – metallic and non-metallic

The UtilityScan HS excels in detecting both metallic and non-metallic utilities, providing utility locators with comprehensive insights for accurate mapping.

Locate water lines

Efficiently pinpoint water lines with the UtilityScan HS, enabling precise identification and assessment to facilitate maintenance and repair activities.

Detect voids and underground storage tanks (USTs)

Identify voids and USTs with confidence using the UtilityScan HS, ensuring proactive measures for environmental preservation and safety.

Identify soil and foundation characteristics

Gain valuable insights into soil and foundation characteristics, empowering engineers and geologists with essential data for construction and development projects.

Locate shallow objects for archaeology

Facilitate archaeological excavations with precision and efficiency, as the UtilityScan HS accurately detects shallow objects buried beneath the earth’s surface.

Elevating Utility Locating Practices

The UtilityScan HS represents a pivotal advancement in utility locating technology, empowering professionals with unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. With its superior depth performance, high-resolution data, and RF noise immunity, the UtilityScan HS is poised to revolutionize utility locating practices across various industries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes the UtilityScan HS stand out?

The UtilityScan HS sets itself apart with its cutting-edge HyperStacking™ technology, which enhances depth and data resolution, providing superior performance compared to traditional GPR systems.

Can the UtilityScan HS detect live power lines?

Yes, the UtilityScan HS can detect live power lines when equipped with a LineTrac device, ensuring safety and accuracy in utility locating operations.

Is the UtilityScan HS suitable for environmental applications?

Absolutely, the UtilityScan HS is well-suited for environmental remediation, geological investigation, and archaeological studies, thanks to its versatile capabilities and high-performance features.

How does the UtilityScan HS streamline workflow?

By accelerating target detection and reporting processes, the UtilityScan HS enables utility locators to operate with greater efficiency, ultimately saving time and resources.

Can the UtilityScan HS be customized with additional accessories?

Certainly, users can enhance their UtilityScan HS experience by incorporating optional accessories such as the Geode GPS, transit case, and survey carts, tailored for specific operational needs.

Does the UtilityScan HS come with a warranty?

Yes, the UtilityScan HS includes a comprehensive 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind and assurance of product quality and reliability.

Finally, the UtilityScan HS marks a significant advancement in utility locating technology, providing unrivaled precision, efficiency, and dependability. With its extensive capabilities, numerous applications, and user-friendly design, the UtilityScan HS is ready to revolutionize utility locating methods, allowing experts to navigate the underground landscape with confidence and accuracy.

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