Advancing Battery Technology Through Powder Characterization

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Powder characterization plays a pivotal role in the advancement of battery technology, particularly in the realm of dry electrode manufacturing processes. Unlike traditional methods reliant on slurries, dry processes offer significant energy and time savings by eliminating the need for solvents. Additionally, they mitigate environmental concerns associated with toxic solvent usage. Dry processes operate with battery materials in powder form, comprising active materials, conductive additives, and binders. The unique flow behavior of each constituent poses challenges in predicting the overall blend behavior during manufacturing, underscoring the importance of powder characterization for process optimization.

Powder Flow Instruments for Dry Electrode Manufacturing:

Achieving optimal powder flow properties is crucial for meeting the stringent requirements of various dry coating methods. For instance, in dry coating processes utilizing polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) binders, the degree of binder fibrillation significantly impacts powder flowability and electrode consistency. Instruments such as the GranuPack and GranuDrum facilitate comprehensive analysis of powder flow behavior across quasi-static to dynamic shear states, including measurements at elevated temperatures mimicking manufacturing conditions.

Another critical aspect is the electrostatic charge buildup in powders utilized in methods like dry painting. The GranuCharge, equipped with a Faraday cup, enables precise quantification of powder electrostatic charge density pre- and post-flow, offering insights into powder chargeability. Coupled with the GranuMidity, it allows assessment of chargeability under varying humidity levels, crucial for materials susceptible to humidity-induced alterations.


Powder flow characterization emerges as a fundamental step towards enhancing battery manufacturing processes. Instruments such as the GranuPack, GranuDrum, and GranuCharge offer invaluable insights into powder behavior under diverse conditions, facilitating process optimization and ultimately contributing to the advancement of battery technology.

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