Artificial Intelligence in Geometrical Alignment Using Rotalign Touch Laser & Sensor

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What is Geometrical Alignment?

Geometric alignment refers to diagnosis, preventive maintenance, and installation requirements in special geometric applications. ROTALIGN touch: A Revolutionary in Alignment. The ROTALIGN touch is the world’s 1st artificial intelligence-based laser alignment system. The most powerful & adaptable laser shaft alignment tool in the market that can measure up to even the most demanding tasks. ROTALIGN touch offers best measurement precision and the most advanced features to save you time and costs.

How does Rotalign Touch work?

It allows transferring alignment data via the cloud both to and from a computer and a remote device on-the-fly. ROTALIGN touch in combination with the Alignment Reliability Center 4.0 (ARC 4.0) software is the only system that can track the ALIGNMENT CONDITION OF INDIVIDUAL ASSETS OVER TIME.
The measurement data from the PRUFTECHNIK laser measuring components are transferred via Bluetooth directly to a laptop or PC with the installed GEO CENTER software.

Flatness measurement of motor testing bed with the PRUFTECHNIK GEO CENTER software in combination with rotating touch – the world’s 1st artificial intelligence-based laser alignment system.


Marking measurement points into equal grids on the machine bed for which flatness is to be measured.

Once marked physically as per software suggestions, the grid is visible on the screen, then we would need the center the laser and sensor so as to it connect all 4 corners of the grid.

Once the sensor and laser are centered, we would get the X, Y coordinates as each measurement point.

We would need to physically move the sensor at the marked grid points, rotate the laser head, and tap on the measure to collect each point. The laser shall be permanently fixed with the magnet base at an ideal location to cover all the points.

Selected Position D3

Measurement values shall be displayed below in 3D/2D & Table modules below:

You get the optimized solution as per Auto tolerance as well as user-defined tolerances.

We have later cross-checked the values using the spirit level inclinometer to contemplate the values and have found to be matching the results.

PRUFTECHNIK laser and sensor units can also measure Geometrical Profiles Like
• Straightness measurement (e.g. on rails, guides or bores)
• Flatness measurement (e.g. machine tables or foundations)
• Leveling (e.g. of machine halves)
• Plumbness (e.g. of vertical shafts or surfaces)
• Parallelism and right angle measurement (e.g. of rails or surfaces)

Laser and Sensors

In India, Pruftechnik Aimil Condition Monitoring Private Limited provides Condition Monitoring & Alignment Product & Services in the Indian market. Aimil Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Instrumentation Company with a Pan India presence serving since 1932. Aimil has a joint venture with Pruftechnik Condition Monitoring Gmbh, Germany.

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