Building Material Testing

Fundamentals of Road Bridge Construction

Reading Time: 5 minutes bridge is a physical structure built to cover a physical obstacle such as water bodies, roads, or rail without blocking the way underneath. It is constructed to provide passage over the obstacle, which is something difficult or impossible to cross. One such bridge is a road bridge to overcome the difficulties faced by the commuters due to huge traffic jams. So, let us understand the construction procedure of such bridges.

What do you understand by Building Material Testing? Why is it important to test the building material in construction?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Learn Importance of Building Material Testing in Constructions The raw materials such as cement, steel, concrete, asphalt, aggregates, rocks etc are used to construct a building, road, bridges, pavement etc. These are subjected to various kinds of forces like tensile,…

ROTALIGN® touch EX -Accelerating Laser Shaft Alignment in Hazardous Areas

Reading Time: 3 minutes Accelerating laser shaft alignment in hazardous areas. ROTALIGN® touch EX breaks new ground for maintenance professionals working in explosive atmospheres in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and chemical processing industries. The new intrinsically safe alignment system from PRUFTECHNIK is ATEX/IECEx…