Do you know about AC power sources and other Safety Testing Instruments?

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Extech Electronics Co. are into Research & Development , Production & Promotion of AC Power Sources , DC Electronic Loads & Safety Testing Instruments. The Products are being used in most of the Power electronics domain ,UPS Manufactures, Calibration centre & Govt/Pvt Certification Agencies.

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Manufacturer : Extech Electronics Co., Taiwan

EEC Extech Electronics Co produces cutting edge electrical safety testers and AC power sources for a variety of industries like: Automotive, Electrical Home Appliance, LED Lighting, Solar Power System

Types of Products:

  • Safety Testers
  • AC Power Source
  • Auto Test System
Programmable 1 Phase - 3 Phase AC Power Sources
Programmable 1 Phase – 3 Phase AC Power Sources
EEC - Extech Electronics Co.

Programmable 1 Phase – 3 Phase AC Power Sources

One Power Workstation, Three Power Transmission
The EAC series is a single workstation capable of independently outputting single-phase, tri-phase, and DC power. The new External Trigger technology features synchronize waveforms for conducting effortless analysis. Free from the limitations of a single power system mode, the EAC series is suitable for any power source system used in laboratories and R&D departments.

EST-300 – Hi-pot Tester

The EST-300 next-generation Hipot Tester combines industry-leading compact size with unbeatable performance. This new series economically integrates AC, DC withstand, and insulation resistance into a single solution. The Hipot tester is highly portable and fits readily in any spatially limited testing environment.

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