GDS News: North Carolina State University Expands Testing Capabilities

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Mike Bulley, the Technical Resource Pool Manager at GDS Instruments has recently returned from an installation at North Carolina State University (NC State).

The University took delivery of a Resonant Column Torsional Shear Apparatus, for their constructed facilities laboratory. Mike installed the apparatus and provided training to both graduate students and technical staff during the installation. 

The Resonant Column adds to the already extensive testing capabilities of the the laboratory and will be used for both teaching and research. 

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering at NC State

We study the interface between the natural and built environments with emphasis on ensuring the sustainability and resilience of the world’s infrastructure through large-scale testing, field studies, and numerical simulations.  Special topics of interest include:

  • Scour and Erosion, including development of new tools to assess scour potential in-situ
  • Infrastructure Resiliency, including defining serviceability limit states for dams and levees
  • Offshore Energy Storage, through means such as compressed air for tidal and wind energy sources
  • Soil Improvement, including soil nailing, compaction grouting, and biocementation
  • Earthworks Studies, including assessment of cut and fill criteria and engineered soil behaviour
  • Seabed Mechanics, including wave-induced response of coastal structures
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, including soil liquefaction
  • Modeling and Computing, including  fuzzy and neural network models
  • Granular Mechanics, including granular mixtures and discrete element method modelling

Product Featured: Resonant Column Apparatus (Stokoe Type)

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