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Gear System in the vehicles is of paramount importance.

In a vehicle, when a gear system is implemented, its function is to provide a particular combinations of speed and torque to the wheels.

Gearbox plays a crucial role in power transmission. Gear Boxes are designed to speed and torque conversion by providing a source of rotational energy to another device with the gear ratios.

To ensure delivery of Vehicles of utmost Quality you need to subject the vehicle and its components like Gear Box, Engines etc to the vibrations at different frequencies which is called Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing. Test results can then be used for further analysis to ensure the desired Quality.

The world’s  best vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of India, depend on NVH solutions supplied by Aimil Ltd, an Instrumentation experts working on Indian Soil since 1932. Some of them include:

GearBoxes need to be testing for the parameters like:

  • Gearbox Noises
  • Transmission Error
  • Vibration & Acoustic Sensors
  • NVH Endurance Testing
  • End of line Production testing
  • Dynamic Torque measurement
  • Sound Intensity & Power Measurement

We offer global’s best from Germany, Denmark, USA, France like Visipiron-Rotec Torsional Vibration Analyser, Reilhofer End of line Analyser, Delta Analyser for Endurance, Manner Sensometric Telemetry based Sensors, Microphones, Accelerometers, Oros Vibration Analyser and NVH services, to meet your QC and Production needs, especially with regard to Gearboxes.

Ensure your Gearboxes are of required Quality and meet consumers growing expectations and gear yourself to Growth.

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