Is the Indian Auto Industry ready to emerge as the largest in the world?

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Did you know ?

  • Indian Auto industry contributes to 7% of our GDP
  • 25 million automobiles were produced in India in the year 2017.
  • India is the largest two wheeler Manufacturer in the world
  • Posses second largest two wheeler market in the world
  • Fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world.
  • Total production volume grew at a CAGR of 5.9 per cent between FY12-17.

Trends in Auto Industry are very promising and is poised for further growth and be no. 1 in all areas.

Government of India is committed to provide all support to this growing Industry.

So are we,

We, at Aimil, leading Instrumentation supplier in India, since 1932, is committed to contribute to the Auto Industry, by providing leading edge technologies and optimal product services in the field of Noise, Vibration & Harshness. We understand Industry’s need to manufacture Quality vehicles and faster R&D Developments in todays competitive world.

We provide variety of Instruments in the areas of Engine & Gear Box development and testing, high end analysers, data loggers and software to capture, analyse and represent data in customer friendly formats and many more solutions.

We are proud to be part of endeavors of Auto Industry to be no. 1.

  • Instrument your processes.
  • Enhance Vehicle Quality.
  • Grow to be the Largest.

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