Do you know the Quality Testing of Cement?

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What is Cement?

Cement is basically a binding substance that is used for construction. No construction seems possible today without cement. The cement hardens and clings to other materials with which it is used and binds them tightly together. It is usually used to bind sand and gravel together. For producing mortar for Masonry, cement is used with fine aggregates while it is used with sand and gravel aggregates to produce concrete. In construction cement which is used is inorganic in nature, often either lime or silica based.

Today many types of binders are well known, particularly cement. These binders are becoming ever more sophisticated with pre-mixed cements designed to satisfy specific structural requirements.

China, India, and USA are major producers of Cement today and account for about half the worlds total capacity.

What is Cement Testing?

Production of cement is a complex process which involves multiple ingredients and therefore testing is critical to ensure compliance with the specifications, at different stages, for different parameters. Production of cement is normally governed by National standards adopted by the country.

Failures in construction sector can cause havoc huge loss of life and property, thereby making testing of cement even more important as it is the basic ingredient used for construction.

See Concrete Testing Equipment:

There should be no excuse for inadequate or incorrect testing as testing costs are meagre in comparison to the overall project cost. It is vital correct methods are followed and correct, validated instruments used for conducting the tests.

Today, Many suppliers are available for providing such testing equipment. You should buy the equipment from a reliable supplier only who follows quality procedures to produce testing equipment.

What Tests are Critical for testing of Cement?

  • Fineness
  • Consistency & Setting Time
  • Soundness of Cement
  • Compressive strength

There are other too but these are critical ones.

For conducting these test, we need to ensure we use good quality Instruments from a reliable supplier. One such supplier is Aimil Ltd, who have been instrumentation experts, operating in India, since 1932.

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