Revolutionizing Spectroscopy: Chirascan™-plus qCD Redefines Circular Dichroism

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Innovation is the means of advancing in the ever-changing field of scientific instrumentation. The ChirascanTM-plus qCD Spectrometer is a prime example of a revolutionary development in the field of circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy. This state-of-the-art tool has gone beyond the limitations of conventional CD spectroscopy, providing unmatched sensitivity and accuracy in a range of applications, from stability investigations to biopharmaceutical formulations. This paper delves into the unique characteristics and uses of the ChirascanTM-plus qCD Spectrometer, explaining its essential function in the field of Particle Size & Material Characterization.

Pushing Boundaries with Advanced Technology

At the heart of the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer lies an innovative Avalanche Photodiode Detector (APD) solid-state detector module. This technological marvel significantly enhances the instrument’s performance, augmenting productivity and sensitivity across all CD applications. Unlike its predecessors, the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer employs a non-chemical, multi-point calibration standard and analytical software. This revolutionary approach allows for statistical comparison of CD spectra, transforming the spectrometer into a truly quantitative tool.

Chirascan™-plus qCD Redefines Circular Dichroism

Unraveling Salient Features

The Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer boasts a plethora of salient features that distinguish it in the realm of spectroscopy:

Measurement of Absolute CD Values: Offering precise and reliable measurement of absolute CD values, the spectrometer ensures accuracy in research findings.

Unmatched Sensitivity: With sensitivity levels unprecedented in the field, the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer captures subtle molecular changes, enabling detailed analysis in various applications.

Accurate Simultaneous Absorbance Measurements: Simultaneous measurement of circular dichroism, absorption, and fluorescence provides comprehensive insights into the samples under study.

Expanded Wavelength Range: Its ability to cover a wider wavelength range using a single detector enhances the versatility of the instrument, accommodating diverse experimental needs.

No Post-Acquisition Smoothing: By eliminating the need for post-acquisition data smoothing, the spectrometer preserves raw data integrity, ensuring the fidelity of results.

Thermal Ramping Capabilities: Unique thermal ramping capabilities enable researchers to explore the effects of temperature on molecular structures, broadening the scope of experiments.

Powerful Thermodynamic Analysis Software: The inclusion of powerful global thermodynamic analysis software facilitates in-depth exploration of complex molecular interactions.

Upgradeability: The Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer is designed to evolve with the user’s needs, allowing seamless upgrades to Chirascan-auto qCD, ensuring compatibility with future advancements.

Revolutionizing Applications

The impact of the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer extends across diverse applications:

Biopharmaceutical Formulations: In the realm of biopharmaceuticals, where precision is paramount, the spectrometer enables detailed characterization of formulations. Its sensitivity and accuracy empower researchers to make informed decisions during the formulation development process.

Stability Studies: Understanding the stability of biomolecules is crucial in various fields, including pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer’s ability to discern minute structural changes equips scientists to conduct in-depth stability studies, ensuring the integrity of products over time.

Clone Selection: In biotechnology, the selection of the most suitable cell clones is pivotal. The spectrometer’s quantitative capabilities enable researchers to scrutinize clones with unparalleled precision, facilitating the identification of optimal candidates for further development.

Comparability Studies: Comparing different samples for their molecular characteristics is a fundamental aspect of research. The Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer simplifies comparability studies by providing accurate and reproducible data, enabling researchers to draw meaningful conclusions.

Academic Advancements and Industry Collaboration

For academic researchers, the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer introduces a new era of scientific publishing. The ability to incorporate standard error bars in research papers meets the stringent requirements of peer-reviewed journals, expediting the publication process. Furthermore, the instrument fosters closer collaboration between academia and industry. As quantitative circular dichroism becomes a standard practice in the industrial sector, academic institutions equipped with the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer can seamlessly collaborate with industry partners, driving collaborative innovation and knowledge exchange.


In the realm of particle size & material characterization, the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer stands as a beacon of innovation. Its revolutionary technology, coupled with unmatched sensitivity and precision, has propelled the field of circular dichroism spectroscopy into uncharted territories. By enabling researchers to delve deeper into molecular structures and interactions, this spectrometer paves the way for groundbreaking discoveries and transformative applications across various scientific disciplines. As researchers continue to push the boundaries of knowledge, the Chirascan™-plus qCD Spectrometer remains an indispensable tool, empowering scientists to unlock the mysteries of the microscopic world with unprecedented clarity and accuracy.

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