Role of Instrumentation in Automobile Industry

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The Indian Auto Industry today is going from strength to strength. In terms of statistics, it is the:

  • Largest three wheeler market in the world
  • Second largest two-wheeler market in the world
  • Fourth largest passenger vehicle market in Asia
  • The fourth largest tractor market in the world, and
  • Fifth largest commercial vehicle market in the world.

Types of Instruments that are widely used in Automobile industry

  • Automobile Evaluation Instruments
  • Analytical and Testing Instruments
  • Gas Analyzers / Climate Chambers
  • Material strength evaluation instruments
  • High-Speed impact tester
  • Thermal Fatigue Testing system
  • Electrical component tester
  • Torsion Fatigue Tester
  • Universal Testing Machines
  • Micro Hardness Testers
  • Thermal analysis instruments

Why Testing Instruments Are Important For Automobile Industry?

When we talk about the automobile industry, the first thing that comes to our mind is metal. Although, many high-end cars and two-wheelers have started to use alternates like Carbon fibers. Despite many advantages, metal is still a dominating part of the automobile industry. In India, the automotive market has grown to a large extent and the surprising part is that strict safety standards are followed; even small-scale manufacturers invest huge money in setting up testing labs. Despite petrol cars and scooters, India is also developing electric vehicle manufacturing speedily till 2025 almost 30% of cars and scooters will be electric.

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