Role of Instrumentation in Infrastructure & Construction Industry

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We will tell you why Instruments is necessary for Infrastructure and Constructions. At Aimil, we have full control over the quality testing of all types of instruments. We have more than 150 overseas partners who also contributing a major role in instrumentation under the infrastructure & construction category. Following are the major sub-industry & groups to recognize a specific instrument for a specific need.

Airports Meteorological Departments
Dams & Tunnels Ports
Environmental Monitoring Roads, Highways & Bridges
EPC Contractors Survey & Positioning
Forests & Natural Resources Utility Mapping
Geophysical / Seismology Testing Water & Environmental
Geotechnical Testing Waterways

These industries have different applications and so we categorized all instruments accordingly.

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If you visit the Airport industry page you will get the following sub-groups:

 Airport Industry -  Instrumentation

1. Building Materials Testing: While making Runways and Helipads we need building material testing instruments. These roads structured should be strong enough to have the capacity to bear huge plane landings throughout the years.

2. Coating and inspection: In Airport Industry, Coating and Inspection process is mostly used to Coat on the outer body of the aeroplane and its major’s components. So it is most important to maintain the quality of design & strength of each part of aeroplane body. Because Thickness of coating should be critical to measure that’s why elcometer non-destructive thickness testing is necessary.

3. Condition Monitoring Alignment: CM instruments have some roles in Airport industries as one instrument called Odour Analyzers from Scentroid, It is helpful to monitoring air purification at the airport and into the aeroplanes. Also, one more instrument component is also used for vibration analysis manufacturers is Wilcoxon.

4. Data Acquisition: DAQ products are universal product ranges that come into PCB manufacturing and embedded systems into the navigation devices and they are mainly used in Data Recorders, Programmable Automation Controllers into aeroplanes.

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Meteorological Departments

If you visit one more sub-industry that is Meteorological DepartmentsSo, you will get the following product groups: Under this sub-industry, there are some product groups like NVH, Data Acquisition and so on.

Meteorological Departments
  1. Data Acquisition: This product group contains data logger’s devices that have extensive use in the Meteorological department for checking and collecting weather data. These are real-time data loggers which are used to monitor the temperature of the environment.
  2. NVH: In this group: One product ‘Sound Level Meter’, this equipment will be used for environmental acoustics ( This is the domain in which people study acoustic vibrations and their production and propagation effects on environments and weather. ) and one another product listed in this group that is ‘environmental microphones‘ which is used for outdoor noise measurements and aircraft noise monitoring.
  3. Structural Monitoring Instrumentation: This group contains one of the most important product for meteorological departments that is the ‘ automatic rain gauge ’ this instrument is designed for the measurement of rainfall data.

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