Speed up your cutting process by 19% without compromising on quality

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Do you want to improve the speed of your sample cutting?

Do you want to increase the product quality control with minimum effort?

Do you want to increase the production efficiency, shortening lead times, speeding up batch release and reducing total production time per unit?

But the question is:  how can it be done?

Solution is very simple, by switching of Premium cut -off wheels

What is cut off wheel?
A cut off wheel or cutting disc is a tool that may be used with cut off machine for hard materials such as metals, tile and concrete.

What is premium cut off wheels and why is it required?
Premium cut-off wheels will help industries to provide high efficiency and good quality of cuts with minimum efforts and maximum cost saving. The wheels unique combination of aluminum oxide abrasives and its thin profile allows for faster, cleaner cuts which provide nice and smooth surface on sample.


How to improve speed of sample cutting, quality control, reduce waste, production efficiency and reducing production time per unit?

We took the sample of crankshaft cutting process to analyze the benefits from switching to Premium cut-off wheels and found result that by using a Premium cut-off wheel cutting speed increase by an average of 19%.

Due to the complex geometry of a crankshaft, the cutting process can take over an hour.

Crank Shaft

Crank Shaft

Set-up of crankshaft in cutting machine 3 3
Time taken to make 18 cuts 45 54
Repositioning between cuts 15 21
Removal and re-set of crankshaft after 4 cuts 3 3
Total time for cutting sequence 66 minutes 81 minutes

Through above chart, Premium cut off wheel took 66 minutes for 18 cuts and conventional cut-off wheel took 81 minutes for the same cuts. So we can understand easily, how premium cut of wheels are important for the cutting process.

Premium cut off wheel 

1 cut = 3.7 minutes (66mins/18cuts)

Conventional cut-off wheel

1 cut = 4.5 minutes (81mins/18cuts)

For one cut, we can save one minute which is enough time for us to increase production efficiency.

Total time saved 15 (81-66) minutes so possibility to make another 4 cuts with support of premium cut of wheels.

How can we use the premium cut off wheels?

Wheels are complete tested and optimized for use on struers cut off machine and it can be applicable with other machines with similar specification.

We need to ensure that we use premium cut off wheels from a reliable manufacturer and one such manufacturer is Struers ApS, Denmark. They have their authorized distributor called Aimil Ltd., Who is known instrumentation experts, since 1932.

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