Introduction of Compression Testing Machine?

One of the most fundamental types of machine for material testing


Compression Tests are used to determine material behaviors under compressive pressure loads.


During the test, we measure different properties of materials such as elastic limits, proportional limit, yield point, yield strength, and more.


Series of Compression Testing Machines

These machines are available in below Capacities:   50kN  100kN  500kN 1000kN  2000kN  3000kN  5000kN

CTM Variant

1.  Aimil Prime Automatic Compression Testing Machine (Fully Automatic) 2.  Aimil Prime MU Compression Testing Machine (Micro Controller Based) 3.  Servo Compression Testing Machine

Types of Compression Testing Machines

Digital Models with Pace Rate Indicators. 1. Digital models with pace rate indicators. 2. MicroController based models with automatic pace rate controllers. 3. Fully Automatic models. 4. Servo Models & Touch Screen Models


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