What is Condition Monitoring? What are the different types of Condition Monitoring?

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What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition Monitoring is the process of monitoring the condition or measuring the parameters of the machinery like temperature, vibration, etc, and noting signs of any significant changes. These changes are indicative of an impending failure in the machine.  

Why Condition Monitoring is important for any industry?

Condition Monitoring allows maintenance to be scheduled, take preventive actions before damage occurs due to failure. It is more of predictive maintenance.

By knowing the condition, we can increase the asset’s lifespan and address the issue/s before it develops into a major failure.

It helps to save money & productive time.

Advantages include Avoiding unplanned downtime, Protect Assets, Eliminate Unnecessary Maintenance to Maximise ROI, more Effective Maintenance, Improved Safety, Improved Assert Efficiencies, Increase Production Capacity.

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How many type of Condition Monitoring are there?

  1. Online Condition Monitoring
  2. Offline Condition Monitoring

How is Online Condition Monitoring different from Offline Condition Monitoring?

Condition Monitoring can be online or Offline.

  • Online Condition Monitoring: It is a type of condition Monitoring that emphasizes the continuous monitoring of a machine and finding out the loopholes in the machinery engaged in the production process to reduce cost and interruptions in the production. It is a non-interrupted process i.e. no shut-down in online condition monitoring. This help in cost reduction and prevents unexpected costs.
  • Offline Condition Monitoring: It is a timely based scanning process which is not a continuous one but done whenever required. It is a periodic scanning & machineries are monitored randomly.

What are the techniques of Condition Monitoring?

Techniques of Condition Monitoring are:

Condition Monitoring techniques are used on range of machinery including rotating machinery, auxiliary systems & parts such as compressors, pumps, motors, engine & presses.

  • Vibration Analysis & Diagnostics
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Lubricant Analysis
  • Acoustic Analysis
  • Thermology
  • Speed Measurement
  • Ultrasonic Analysis

Examples of sector/companies using Condition Monitoring: Automobile, Oil & Gas, FMCG Industries, Manufacturing, Hydropower Plants, etc.

Condition Monitoring Products & Services offered by Aimil are:

Aimil Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Instrumentation Company with a Pan India presence. Aimil has a joint venture with Pruftechnik Condition Monitoring Gmbh, Germany.

Pruftechnik Aimil Condition Monitoring Private Limited provides Condition Monitoring & Alignment Product & Services in the Indian market.

The product range includes :

Portable Systems: Vibrascanner®2, Vibexpert® II, Sonochek, Vibxpert® Ex, Wearscanner

Online Systems : Vibrotector®, Vibrex®, Vibguard® Portable, Vibguard, Vibronet® Signalmaster

Shaft Alignment System: Shaftalign® OS3 – Wireless BluetoothTM Communication, Optalign Touch, Rotalign Touch Ex,  Rotalign® Touch, PullAlign, Precut Shims®, Inclineo®

Industrial Alignment Systems: Induction Heaters®, Levalign Ultra®, Leavealign Expert, Centralign® Ultra, and many more….

For more details, please visit www.aimil.com   or may write to us at marcom@aimil.com.

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