Why Consumers today value more Comfortable Car Seats?

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Automakers are bent on making your seating experience more and more comfortable as the consumers spend most of their time, in sitting down in the car.

Owners of cars be it big or small do not want to compromise on vehicle amenities especially the seats.

Seats are paramount to the driver and Passenger Comfort.

Believe it or not, most decisions today, to buy or not to buy, are taken by sitting in the car and gauging the sitting experience and other amenities

Seats are Constant Touch points for the vehicle owners and is central to provide a comfortable experience.

As a auto-manufacturer, are you giving enough importance to testing of seats, which consumers today value the most?

Do you ensure your testing covers :

  • Rattle (BSR) Testing ?
  • Whole Body Vibration?
  • Ride Comfort?
  • Seat Comfort?

We , at Aimil, have the best of solutions …be it Microphones, Accelerometers, Vibration Test Systems, Vibration Analyser, Pressure Imaging Systems, Data Acquisition solutions, to meet your testing needs.

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