Why is the Battery Monitoring System Important?

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The main objective of the Battery Management System (BMS) is to inform the users regarding the present state of the battery bank, health of each individual battery in a battery bank, failure conditions of batteries and alert the users about the net charge present in the battery bank and the backup time. If the health of each battery is monitored, then we can take preventive action to avoid any such damage and eventually safeguarding the other batteries from damage. So, the total battery life can be prolonged by monitoring each battery.

Why is the Battery Monitoring the Health of Battery Important?

Battery Monitoring System
Battery Monitoring System – Image Source: ‘state street auto repair dot com’

Battery Health Monitoring System (BHMS) plays a vital role in Battery critical applications where the backup is quite crucial for the continuous operation of the load. Using BHMS, weak/damaged battery in a bank can be identified prior to the occurrence of failure through net charge & backup calculation by which loads can be planned & other means of a power source like a generator can be turned on. By replacing the particular failed/weak battery, remaining batteries in a bank will not be damaged instead; they will be properly utilized without replacing the entire bank.  The life of the weak battery can be extended to some extent by individual charging methods or by adding distilled water/acid if it is a maintenance battery.

Battery Health Monitoring System
Battery Health Monitoring System

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