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Media Update

We are pleased to announce our new office is opening at Thiruvanthapuram

Souvenir Issue 2February 23

The State of the art digital microscope that can measure directly during visual inspection without a PC

Optical Society of India - Issue 1February 2023

Condition Monitoring Solutions

Invest 2022 SouvenirDecember 2022

Geotechnical Structural Monitoring Instrumentation

IGS NewsletterNovember 2022

Geophysical - Think Instrumentation. Think Aimil.

GSI LucknowOctober 2022

Advance Sample Preparation Equipment

A&ISeptember 22

Best Services with Right Instruments & Right People

CE&CRJune Issue 02

Deep Foundation Testing Solutions

DFI AdvertAugust 2022

India is doing so much in road sector, So are we…

CE&CRAugust 2022

Elcometer BG80 Bolt Tension Monitors

AimilJuly 2022
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