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Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co. Ltd.

Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co. Ltd., Japan

Nihon Onkyo Engineering provides wide variety of fields connected to “sound” and provide the highest-quality products and services like design and construction of sound spaces such as studios, listening rooms and acoustic laboratories, measurement and evaluation of sound and noise, and consulting Started in 1974, NOE (Earlier known as Nittobo Acousti Engineering) has four main divisions namely "Acoustic Design & Construction" , "Consulting" , "System" & 'DL". Acoustic Design & Construction division builds superior Sound Fields. This includes Sound insulation work for controllign sound & vibration, taking care of various aspects viz. Sound absorption, reflection, diffusion etc. Consulting division takes care of measurign & analysing Sound & Vibration System & DL divisions develops techniques for sound source analysis & simulations.


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