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1U, 2U Programmable DC power supply

1U ,2U Programmable DC power supply(1500W)) DSP-HR Series Switching Programmable DC Power Supply

Up to 52 models: 6V~600V/1A~400A are available for selection. 5 digits of current and voltage meter. Max. output current up to 2000A (5 units in parallel). Switching mode, high density, and convenience for installation to 19” rack, 750W in 1U half width, 1.5kW in 1U/2UH, 3kW in 2U height. Non-gap stacking, no ventilation holes at the cover and bottom plate of the power supply. Universal Input Voltage 1U / 1UH / 2UH :100-240Vac,50/60Hz, 1P2W+GND continuous operation. 2U :190-240Vac,50/60Hz, 1P2W+GND continuous operation.