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3270 Series AC & DC Electronic Load

Range: (350V~480V, 18.75A~112.5A & 1875W~22500W)

3270 Series is suitable for the step, square and sine wave of the AC Power device test, especially for the uninterruptible power supply UPS, Inverter, fuses, circuit breakers, power regulator AVR, battery, AC / DC  power supply / components ... and so on, absolutely is the best test solution in the market.        


Master / Slave has 2 operating modes:

1. ) Boost mode is for master / slave parallel application,  the setting current will be actively shared to each load, Master ammeter will show the total current that is the sum of all ammeters, Slave voltmeter will show SL1 ~ SL2, the others are unchanged.
2.) 3PH mode is for  3 phase application,  three 3270 series can be connected for three phase  Δ or Y connection,  the setting current value (single-phase current value) will be sent to each Slave unit automatically, the user does not have to set each unit.


Other Models Available:

  • 3270 AC & DC Electronic Load  (350V, 37.5A, 3750W)
  • 3271 AC & DC Electronic Load  (350V, 28A, 2800W)
  • 3272 AC & DC Electronic Load (350V, 18.75A, 1875W)
  • 3273 AC & DC Electronic Load (480V, 28A, 3750W)
  • 3274 AC & DC Electronic Load (480V, 18.75A, 2800W)
  • 32711 AC & DC Electronic Load (350V, 56A, 5600W)
  • 32701 AC & DC Electronic Load (350V, 75A, 7500W)
  • 32702 AC & DC Electronic Load (350V, 112.5A, 11250W)
  • 32703 AC & DC Electronic Load (350V, 112.5A, 15000W)
  • 32704 AC & DC Electronic Load (350V, 112.5A, 18750W)
  • 32705 AC & DC Electronic Load (350V, 112.5A, 22500W)