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UTP Line-Array 8-Channel Medium Pressure Microphone (Model : 48LX-8)

48LX-8 is an Ultra-Thin Precision (UTP) surface microphone line-array for wind tunnel testing. It consists of 8 low-profile 1/4" CCP mediumpressure condenser microphones. They are mounted with rubber fairings in a line array configuration on a flexible PCB. The height is 1.35 mm and the angle of the fairings is 6.5 degrees. It has TEDS for easy channel identification. The 8 channels are connecte+C17d to a 15 pin D-Sub male connector. The total cable length is 5 meters. 48LX-8 line-array is easy to mount and demount. The flexible PCB/plastic strip is about 10 mm wider than the microphones on each side. Therefore, it can be mounted using masking tape straddling the top side of the strip and the structure.