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4p: Touch Screen, Power and Energy Meter

The main features are as follows :

  • Large size (116x87mm; RGB640x480 px) display
  • Display selectable colours for use with laser eyewere on
  • Choice of digital, analogue needle or beam position display (next SW rel.)
  •  Laser tuning screen and power and energy log 
  • Menu driven functions
  • Several software features: W/cm2,J/cm2, full statistics, scaling, dBm, etc
  • Compatible with all LaserPoint thermopile and optical sensors 
  • Wavelength selection with 1 nm resolution 
  • Powers to 10KW, Single Shot Energy to 600J 
  • Data logging to USB memory stick up to 345.600 samples
  • PC interfacing via USB/RS-232 (option) 
  • Configurable Analogue output
  • NiMH rechargeable battery and Line Power Supply
  • CE marked, RoHS Compliant, 
  • Calibrations provided with NIST or PTB traceability