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5T Borehole Seismometer


  • The 5TB houses an accelerometer that is designed for strong-motion borehole studies in cased holes with diameters of 99 to 203 mm.
  • The triaxial analogue sensor can be combined with the DM24 borehole digitiser or a surface digitiser to build a fully networked, integrated borehole monitoring system.


The instrument is supplied with surge protection and a strain relief mechanism to isolate the sensors in the instrument from vibrations in the cable.

•    Flat acceleration output from DC to 100 Hz (200 Hz option)
•    89 mm outer diameter
•    Optional single-jaw lock for boreholes of 99 - 203 mm diameter
•    Waterproof and durable with O-ring seals throughout
•    Suitable for installation with sand backfill to minimise convection
•    Dual output (high and low gain) and optional high/low pass filters
•    Optional electronic compass module to determine the downhole attitude
•    Remote DC offset zeroing


We can provide tripods, winches and other equipment designed specifically for borehole installations. To gain a fuller understanding of the key considerations for installing a borehole system, complete our borehole questionnaire at the bottom of this page.