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AbraPol-30 High-capacity grinding/polishing machine

AbraPol-30 is an advanced machine for grinding and polishing of specimens in specimen holders. The double dosing of suspensions and lubricants secure the optimal area distribution and thus guarantees fast and reproducible preparation.

The machine is designed for heavy use i.e. large specimens or a high volume of specimens.


AbraPol-30 Facts

  • Maximum operator safety
  • Controlled material removal
  • Sturdy, powerful and user-friendly design
  • Easy method creation
  • Method database


Excellent for large specimens holders - Suitable for preparing specimens on up to 350 mm/14” dia. discs using a 200 mm/8” dia. specimen holder.

Preparation methods ensure reproducibility and consistency - AbraPol-30 includes a method database able to store as many as 200 preparation methods.AbraPol-30 includes 10 Struers Metalog Guide methods, which cover all major material groups.

Precise and powerful performance - AbraPol-30 is characterized by an exceptionally stable and robust design with an extremely solid frame for reproducible grinding/polishing and powerful motors.


Key functions for high-volume grinding and polishing in the lab

  • Double dosing of suspensions/lubricants
  • Individual pump units
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Non clogging outlet
  • Removal rate sensor
  • Integrated recirculation unit
  • Variable disc and specimen holder rotation speed
  • Strong safety cover
  • External extraction of fumes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Beacon
  • Calibration of DP-Pump units


Advanced semi-automatic machine for grinding and polishing of specimens in specimen holders up to 200 mm/8” dia. A removal rate sensor and a transparent safety cover are included. Suspension/lubricant and oxide suspension pump units, recirculation cooling tank, pump and filter, grinding/polishing discs, and specimen holders are available separately. Also visit AbraPlan-30 for high-speed plane grinding