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Accelerated polishing Machine (AIM 461)

Ref Std. BS 812-114


Specimens are manufactured in accurately machined and matched moulds; they are then removed from the moulds and located on the 'Road Wheel' The wheel is now rotated and enters in contact with solid rubber tyre, spring loaded. Abrasive charges are continuously fed by mechanical feeders at fixed speed. Feed rates for corn emery are 20-34 g/min. Feed rate for flour emery is 2-4 gm/min. The water is supplied at a controlled rate of 20 -34 ml/min & 5- 8 ml/min. respectively for Corn emery & flour emery through a water container. Road wheel speed is 315 to 325 rpm & applied load on specimens 715 to 735 N. Used water and abrasives are collected in a large removable tray. Electrical supply is protected by the thermal cutouts and an emergency stop button Suitable for operation on 220 V, 50 Hz, Single Phase, AC supply