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Accutom-100 Automatic Precision Cutting Machine cum Grinding Machine for Mineralogy Application

Accutom-100 is a precision table top cut-off machine and grinding machine for precise and deformation-free cutting. Equipped with sample rotation or oscillation. Pre-set constant feed speed in the range of 0.005 - 3.00 mm/s. Accutom-100 having inbuilt 100 programming methods, cut-off wheel/cup-wheel database, Material database & can be programmed to automatically cut series of slices from the same sample. The motor of Accutom-100 has variable cut-off wheel speeds from 300 up to 5000 rpm in steps of 100 rpm. The advanced software will also compensate for the wheel thickness and for slight drift of the cut-off wheel. This results in very precise sections with an identical thickness, as required in failure analysis or the examination of biomaterials. Accutom-100 can be used for target grinding in components. When the precise position of a component within a sample is known, Accutom-100 can be programmed to grind down to precisely that position. The position can be adjusted in steps of 5 µm. Know more about our next product : Accutom-10