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Adapters & Attenuators

High quality adapters and attenuators FC, SC, ST, LC, MU and Hybrid type with very low insertion loss for optical test systems. A complete line-up of components and tools for optical connections. Seikoh Giken's passive device products include fixed attenuators and terminators. For the global attenuator market, SG is proud to be have achieved the largest shipment record in the industry. Plug Type Fixed Attenuator •Available in FC, SC, LC, ST and MU plug type. They are suitable for connection through panel-mounted adapters •Precision polished endface are available for both PC and Angle PC types •Standard wavelength is 1310/1550nm and also C/L band or any other custom specifications are available U.S. Pat. No. 5,321,790 / 5,136,681 / 5,066,094 Inline Type Fixed Attenuator •Inline type attenuator for S/M application •Custom specifications are available in attenuation, wavelength and length