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Air Entrainment Meter

Ref. Standard- IS:1199, IS:10079, BS:1881 , EN 12350-7


It consists of a pressure-tight flanged cylindrical measuring bowl, fitted with a removeable flanged and a conical cover assembly with a seal in-between. The conical cover has an air valve and a pet cock for bleeding-off the water. A cylindrical stand pipe, which is graduated in per cent air content, is fixed on the conical cover assembly. Required pressure is applied to the specimen with the help of a pressure bulb. The whole assembly is mounted on a flat base. Each apparatus is supplied complete with a calibrating cylinder, pressure gauge, funnel, trowel and tamping bar. Supplied with Foot Pump in place of Pressure Bulb as supplied with other models.


Models available:


Air Entrainment Meter, Capacity 0.005 m3 (5 litres), suitable for aggregate size upto 38 mm . (AIM 340 )

Air Entrainment Meter, Capacity 0.01 m3 (10 litres), suitable for aggregate size upto 75 mm (AIM 341)

Air Entrainment Meter, Capacity 0.1 m (100 litres), suitable for aggregate size upto 150mm. (AIM 342)