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Range: 1.5 micron to 125 micron 15 user selectable channels Defect Reduction 100% sample volume for greater accuracy A precise sample volume within 0.1 milliliter is achieved with the syringe sampler, producing repeatable results SamplerSight-Pharma software comes with the Validation Information Notebook, providing comprehensive software development documentation and full IQ, OQ, and PQ protocols SamplerSight-Pharma complies with FDA 21CFR-11 User-Friendly Reduce operator error and ensure process accuracy with recipes for repeat sample processing to USP, EP, or JP standards Automated particle counter calibration wizard for full calibration or routine verification Alarm levels for pass/fail criteria ensure quality control Comprehensive System Easy-to-use, pull-down menus Security password maintains system integrity Particle measurements are reported per mL or per container values Small sample volume minimizes waste of expensive product Various custom report formats are available