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  • The revolutionary Aquarius is an evolution of our Liber ocean bottom seismometer, utilising acoustic telemetry capability to deliver near real-time seismic data from the ocean floor to the surface without cables.
  • Aquarius is a stand-alone free fall OBS with acoustic data telemetry for deployments at depths of up to 6000m.

The system is available in two variants depending on the application and required timescales between battery charge.


Aquarius: - for seismic research, when data transfer is needed only at the installation
and at the recovery of the OBS


Aquarius+: for seismic research and alert, when data transfer is required either on trigger or on-demand at any point during the deployment window


Both systems are equipped with a digital feedback tri-axial broadband seismometer, operational at any angle and with a configurable long-period corner. A three-axis magnetometer and a MEMS accelerometer record the seismometer’s 3D position on the seabed for data rotation during post-processing.