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Asphalt Pavement Thermal Testing System (TSRST)

Optimise low temperature performance of asphaltic concrete mixtures. Complies with AASHTO TP10 and EN 12697-46.

The Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test (TSRST) is used to determine the low temperature cracking susceptibility of asphalt concrete. In the early 1990s the TSRST was developed by OEM with Oregon State University (OSU) as part of the Strategic Highway Research Program. The test method became AASHTO TP10. The TSRST test has also been included as one of the tests within EN12697-46. OEM-Cooper have developed the TSRST device to perform tests included in this standard. Now as a multi-purpose low temperature testing machine, the TSRST has been renamed the Asphalt Pavement Thermal Testing System (APTTS).
With over 20 years of experience, and as the original developers of the TSRST OEM-Cooper are the recognized world experts in the field.



AASHTO TP10 - Thermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test (TSRST)
EN 12697 46 - Uniaxial Tension Stress Test (UTST), Thermal Stress Restrained, Specimen Test (TSRST), Relaxation Test (RT)
Tensile Creep Test (TCT)



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