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Automatic Pendulum Coordinator

An Automatic pendulum co-ordinator is used to record the dam deflection and base movement automatically. This non contact type auotmatic remote monitoring type pendulum co-ordinator is designed to provide monitoring teams a simple and effective means to electronically "log" the tilt or "rotation" of the structure. The unit consists of a 12 Volt motor and gearbox assembly, all housed in a waterproof case, and a precesion carriage onto which 2 pairs of accurate infrared transmitters and receivers are mounted. The infrared beams are interrupted by the wire as the carriage moves along it's path. The position of the carriage when the infra-red beams are interrupted, is neasured by a Linear potentiometric transducer. The tilt of these co-ordinators can be linked a central data acquisition system, to generate profiles from the recorded data. Data from the co-ordinator can also be displayed in a local Digital readout unit in a comma seperated engineering units & can be uploaded to spreadsheets.